A downloadable game for Windows

Submitted to the 7DRL Challenge 2023 

7D Mad Rogue Kart is a rogue-like, turn-based kart racing game, build in one week during the 7DRL 2023. Your goal is to finish first, while racing against characters you might be familiar with. ;)

You can also throw some obstacles in their way - but be aware: You are not the only one with this ability...

7D Mad Rogue Kart uses a custom engine, based on SFML. :)

Scope for the 7DRL

This game started from a prototype that was already SFML.Net / C# based. it featured a grid, which was already walkable, and a character, that could be controlled. All tiles (excluding the fonts) have been handcrafted by myself.

Note: The downloads WITHOUT any version info are the original downloads for the 7DRL jam. Each update afterwards will have a version number in it's name.

Which version should I download?

If you are here to judge the game for the 7DRL, download the version without the version number in it. If you are just here for the fun, pick the one with a version number. :)

Key Mapping

Key Alternative Action 
Arrow UpMove Cursor Up
AArrow LeftMove Cursor Left
SArrow DownMove Cursor Down
DArrow RightMove Cursor Right
B-Enter Placement Mode*
N-Exit Placement Mode*
ReturnSpacebarConfirm Action
Numpad +F2Zoom In
Numpad -F3Zoom Out

* (only valid if an item is available)


After starting the game, you are thrown into the player selection mode, where you should pick your player:

Player selection upon race start

Move the cursor to change your selection. confirm your selection when ready, and you are golden!


The root folder inclues a config.ini, where some settings can be changed:

EnableVSynctrueNote: For the final 7DRL, if your camera freaks out occasionally, try to set this to `false`. This bug surfaced after the submission deadline.
Seed-1When set to `-1`, the total amount of seconds that have been passed since midnight are being used as the seed.
MapSize128I would rather not recommend messing with that setting... But I won't stop you, either.


7DMadRogueKart-win-x64.zip 35 MB
7DMadRogueKart-win-x86.zip 32 MB
7DMadRogueKart-v1.2-win-x64.zip 35 MB
7DMadRogueKart-v1.2-win-x86.zip 32 MB
7DMadRogueKart-v1.4-win-x64.zip 35 MB
7DMadRogueKart-v1.4-win-x86.zip 32 MB

Development log


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Gameplay video of your game.

That’s awesome, thanks a lot! 🥳


Hey this crashes upon launch for me on my gaming laptop with a 1070. Anything I can do about it, or share to help fix the problem?

Oh shoot… I’m sorry you are having a bad experience with the game. :/

I can try to help - do you happen to get an error message or anything? If you do not want to share the details here, feel free to shoot me an email at brianrubin@danielgilbert.de

Thanks for reporting an issue!

Hey, so no error message. On both my laptop and desktop, the window loads for a second, and then goes away. 

Deleted 1 year ago

I just uploaded v1.3 - it now has a feature that will create a log file when the game crashes. You will be able to find that log file at “%localappdata%\7DMadRogueKart\crash.log” :)

Could it be that there is a “ “ (space) somewhere in the path where you are trying to run the game from? Maybe that is causing a problem here.


OMG that is apparently the problem. I unzipped it to a directory with no spaces in the name and boom, it works. 

Great that it works for you now! Sorry for the issues this has caused. I uploaded version 1.4, which fixes this issue. :)


Fun to see how other people are implementing turn-based racing! Definitely an untapped area for roguelikes I think. Would be cool to see some more types of items to pick up!

Thank you! Yeah, definitely an area that can be dug deeper into.

More items are already planned for a post-7DRL content update. Thanks for your feedback! :D


A pretty unique idea. Good project to tackle over a 7DRL - I included it in a lets play - https://youtu.be/mtkJiBvOxhM

Thank you for playing it! The issues you ran into have made it into the Update 1.2 as fixes, and I really want to include sfx in a post 7DRL - version. Thanks again for giving it a try!


oh awesome great to hear! Yeah it’s definitely a unique idea to keep going with!